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With a view of the sea and city from up above, the Penthouse project allowed us to stir our creative juices to produce something that was timeless, modern and evocative. Adorned in oak, the main space reflects a palette of earthy tones which is highlighted by the black accents that we have come to love and is also a signature look of our design ethos.

The warmth of the wood encapsulates the space and is cooled down by the greys of the upholstery and the richness of the clouds and ocean from outside. The somewhat larger-than-life abstract artwork is the perfect accompaniment for this space and will make you want to linger in this space for hours. The three bedrooms evokes three different moods and is connected via a common study which is ornate and inviting. A fluted paneled detail of warm greys creates interest in the primary bedroom and arched mirrors add a distinct personality to the other bedrooms.

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