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The Jam House is a boutique hotel in Ahangama and is just steps away from the beautiful Ahangama beach. The surrounding plays a major role in the overall interior design, so exotic and tropical themes were embraced to bring out the natural beauty of the surroundings while offering a luxurious and relaxing retreat.

The common area is an elongated and continuous space, so the area segregation has been achieved by creating multiple lounging and dining spaces. The furniture and lighting fixtures feature elements of cane, rattan, and woven textures, adding a touch of tropical charm to the cohesive design. Light wood is a prominent feature across the board, with wood being part of the flooring, ceiling panels, chairs, and beds; creating a sense of warmth that could almost compete with the island sun.

A colour highlight throughout the hotel includes shades of turquoise blue. This is done through the use of turquoise blue cushion covers, artwork, and accessories, adding a refreshing pop of colour that stands out against the neutral shaded upholstery, natural rattan, and lightwood tones. Many lush plants have been strategically placed throughout the hotel, to tie the indoor to the outdoor.

The sleek grey cabinets and jute rugs within the bedrooms bring both functionality and style, while a curated selection of large pots and mirrors is a cherry on top of the sundae.

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