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This home design is centered around the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living, with a central focal point being the beautiful lush garden just outside. The French windows create the largest opening to the lawn, providing an unobstructed view of the stunning surroundings.

The interior design features a monochromatic color scheme, creating a beautiful contrast with the vibrancy of the garden outside. The black is abundant yet not overpowering within the home. The black vintage dining table set adds a sense of timeless charm and character, while the black piano emulates grandeur and cultural richness.

Black is significant throughout the wooden furniture, and compliments the natural rattan. Rattan in a webbing pattern, has been used across lounge chairs and console cabinets; adding a tropical sub-aesthetic to the home. This design choice adds texture, warmth, and a touch of exotic flair. The sofa and chair upholstery being grey ties into the monochromatic scale beautifully. The jersey chunky knit cushion covers add warmth and charm because the tactile quality and cozy appeal of the knit fabric add a sense of comfort and homeliness.

The design concept of this home focuses on creating a peaceful sanctuary that is in tune with its natural surroundings, offering a stylish yet serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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