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Creating a multipurpose lounge for a wellness center involves a multifaceted design approach. The Ninewells wellness center caters to families and is inclusive of a children’s mini theater, a cafeteria, a mini supermarket, a specialized shop for mothers and babies, a bookstore, and a dedicated hot desk for visiting working professionals.

The aim was to create a serene and welcoming environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. The use of white walls, flooring, and ceiling in the large open space creates a bright and airy atmosphere; only amplified by the natural light that floods through the full-length glass that overlooks the ancient lush trees of Flower Road, Colombo.

Inspired by the greenery outside, foliage has been incorporated throughout the lounge. Foliage circles adorn the main white center wall, adding visual interest and a centering effect to the vast space.

The sofas and chairs are white and neutral-toned in colour, seamlessly blending into the surrounding and creating a tranquil ambiance that is easy on the eyes. This choice of furniture contributes to a clean and serene aesthetic, enhancing the overall feeling of wellness; which is the core purpose of the company.

The center of the lounge is home to a multicolored selection of furniture and cushions. This serves as a focal point and doubles as a mini lounge area for children. This vibrant and playful curation not only adds a pop of color to the space but also provides a designated area for children to enjoy and engage in activities, catering to the needs of families visiting the wellness center.

Overall, the aesthetically minimal shelving within the pharmacy and grocery spaces acts as a canvas for colour which is added through the product offering and strategic visual merchandising.

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