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The Amaliya (Pvt) Ltd office space is located in Colombo 3 and is mere meters away from the Indian Ocean. This versatile office space design caters to Amaliya’s dynamic team and their work, with segregated areas to accommodate a range of activities. The lounge meeting area exudes warmth with wooden walls. The vibrant burnt orange sofas add colour, while the black and white batik cushions create a striking contrast. The use of wood across multiple spaces contributes to a comfortable yet professional ambiance for informal meetings, brainstorming sessions, and relaxing breaks.


Abstract art is a recurring theme at Amaliya. The Design Edit team has used the colour scheme of art within individual spaces, which almost feels like the art has trickled down to the room it inhabits. Art has been selected based on color, texture, and style to complement the overall design.

Black has been used abundantly, with some of the walls, cupboards, and furniture across the office being stark and black, creating a cohesive and consistent theme throughout the space. This monochromatic secondary theme is balanced with textured elements such as plants, rugs, and carefully curated accessories, bringing the holistic vision to life. The space segregation and lighting have been meticulously planned to create an environment conducive to productivity and innovation. The Amaliya office is a modern office space with a sophisticated play on colour.

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